Since Sun+Earth was founded in April 2019, we have been generating news and commentary about regenerative organic agriculture in an effort to build a movement of cannabis grown under the sun, in the soil of Mother Earth without chemicals, by fairly paid farmers and farm workers. Explore our extensive Sun+Earth media coverage below.

Need to Know: Sun+Earth Certification

Andrew Black, executive director of Sun+Earth Certified for cannabis and hemp farms, discusses the group’s background, its extensive requirements for farms and more.

Guest View: How is your cannabis grown?

Sun+Earth has approved 32 cannabis businesses in five states since we launched on Earth Day 2019. In Oregon, we recently certified the first five cannabis businesses — East Fork Cultivars,...

Sun+Earth Certification promotes ethical cannabis

Sun+Earth might be the most rigorous and prestigious certification process available to a cannabis or hemp farmer. The collaborative effort of many technical advisors, farmers, regulation and policy experts, and...